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No child’s play

Episode Summary

How do we protect our kids in an age of mass migration? On this episode of Policy Forum Pod, we discuss child rights and social policy with Save the Children CEO Paul Ronalds.

Episode Notes

Children are making the news in harrowing ways. As the international community commemorated World Refugee Day last month, images of kids in cages under Trump’s immigration policy went viral around the world. This week also marks five years of mandatory detention in Pacific islands for refugees who came to Australia by boat – including more than 100 children who remain on Nauru.

In a world on the move, how do we ensure our policies don’t sacrifice child protection for border protection? Where do we draw the line between childhood and adulthood? And what does it mean for children to get the most out of life? On this week’s podcast, Maya Bhandari puts these questions to Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia.

Paul Ronalds is CEO of Save the Children and former First Assistant Secretary for the Office of Work and Family in the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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