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Back to basics – Finland’s Universal Basic Income

Episode Summary

We hear from Olli Kangas, the lead designer of Finland’s Universal Basic Income experiment, about the future of social welfare and why the Finnish trial will be discontinued.

Episode Notes

In 2016, when Finland launched its Universal Basic Income (UBI) program, it was applauded for being at the forefront of social welfare. But even though the Finnish experiment received strong early praise, Finland’s government has decided not to continue the program past the end of this year. Nevertheless, this experiment has given researchers valuable insights which will shape the global conversation around the future of Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Back in July 2016, Olli Kangas spoke on Policy Forum Pod about the beginnings of this experiment and in this latest podcast, we hear about what has happened in this space over the past two years.

Professor Olli Kangas is the Head of the Research Department at the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. He was one of the leading designers for Finland’s experiment with its basic income.